Lydia — a shining example that no previous experience is necessary, just determination and enthusiasm, to become a valued member of the Cartref Ni team.

Lydia’s story…

“Working for a multinational soft drinks brand, I found every working day soulless and had no passion for my job.

When I found out about Cartref Ni and what they do, I decided to apply. I hoped I could bring something valuable to the charity even though I had no previous experience and found the idea of such a drastic change of career very daunting.

I now feel so lucky to have such a rewarding job. Every day I feel privileged to be in a position where I can support people to live their lives, their way, and achieve their dreams; I have been overwhelmed by the strength of character and bravery they show in day to day life.

Cartref Ni have always been very passionate about people, whether they are service users or colleagues.”

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