Tom’s story

Cartref Ni has supported Tom since July 2016. He has a real interest in the Martial Arts and was supported by Staff to find a suitable class.

Tom immediately demonstrated a passion for the Sport and has worked hard to develop his skills

 This is Tom’s Story

I chose Taekwondo a Korean Martial Art and the class is in Deeside Leisure Centre.

My Instructor is Darren Richardson.

My Training involves exercises to improve fitness,  Sparring with a partner, where points are scored and Patterns, a sequence of movements simulating fighting techniques.

I have  passed Gradings with ‘A Class Pass’ Certificate  Awarded  and won medals in Competitions.

In addition to my dedication to the physical aspect of the Art I have  been learning to count I Korean  Hanna………Dul……….Set………. as I need  to know how to respond to commands from  my Instructor.

At first I was supported by Staff to ensure I was comfortable with the  surroundings and now I attend the Class alone.

I have  made many new friends and go to their Social Functions where I am  always made welcome.

I am determined to get my Goal of Achieving Black Belt status.

The Club have nicknames on the back of their Training Tops so look out for Timebomb Thomas…………