Marian’s story

The job advertised by Cartref Ni in 1991 had a very different approach to that I had experienced working in nursing and residential settings. It seemed too good to be true, but I knew if possible, I wanted to be part of such an inspirational process.

My journey of learning began and continues to this present day. I had little prior knowledge of the challenges so many individuals and their families faced on so may levels historically and currently. When you have that faith and trust it is both daunting and exciting to begin to see the difference the right support can bring. I could give many examples of enabling positive outcomes from helping choose décor to supporting on holidays. I have shared in the loss and celebrated the achievements and they too have shared in mine.

I have had to learn to communicate more effectively and trust in management and ask for advice when needed. I have been very fortunate to work alongside some great staff as well as the individuals and families I have met along the way. I stay because Cartref Ni stays true to the values that first attracted me. I love that lives can and do change and that which may seem impossible can and does become possible.