At Cartref Ni, we believe in living as well as caring. We are a registered charity, and we work with adults with learning disabilities, living at home. Our mission is to help them be as independent as possible, to fulfil their potential, to be part of their communities, and live their dreams.

Making life better

We believe in giving people the support they need to live life as fully as possible – being active, engaged in the community, secure, happy and confident. Our in-home support helps people enjoy as normal a life as possible.

We believe in living as well as caring

Cartref Ni is a charity, focused on helping people live active, independent and fulfilling lives. Our name means “Our Home” in Welsh and, put simply, this is what we do: we give people the care and support they need to enjoy their life at home.

We provide support for adults primarily with a learning disability. Our team of highly trained and carefully selected support workers will put the needs of you, or your loved one, first.

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